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Axe Throwing League in York: You’ve Got To Try This!

Axe-throwing at The Hilt is already one of the top things to do in York, but now those bad boys (Alex and Josh) have taken it to a whole new level. They are launching an axe throwing league in York. And they are recruiting wannabe Vikings to be part of this fun weekly social event with their mates.

Ideal as the after-work diversion with buddies, this unique league brings out the competitive edge in most players. No previous experience necessary, just sign up before the 3rd of March and let the fun times roll.

Axe Throwing League In York

I think we can safely say this is the first ever (and therefore the very best) axe throwing league that York has ever seen. It will take place every Thursday from 7pm to 8.15pm from March 5th to April 2nd 2020, hence the need to register online NOW! The Hilt staff will be in touch to plunder and pillage the £55 registration fee from you in due course.

Round up your mates, friends and mortal enemies and prepare to do battle on a weekly basis as part of this new axe throwing league. It’s slated to be pure fun requiring an awesome combination of physical action, competitive spirit, plenty of axe throwing skill, a sense of humour and a firlot of good luck. For the uninitiated, a Viking firlot is 8 gallons - okay?

If you haven’t previously ventured down Goodramgate and tried your hand at the Viking sport of axe throwing, now could be a good time to visit The Hilt and give your axe throwing arm a practice workout. Each regular session lasts about 75 minutes. You’ll start with an introduction to your Viking warrior trainer who will show you the ropes (or in this case the axe handles!). After 20 minutes of training in axe throwing techniques, you’re ready for some competitive play.

Participants take turns at hurling their sharpened axes at the target 4 metres away. The ultimate aim is to hit the centre bullseye (a tasty score of 3). Failing that, a hit that sticks to the board would be good (1 or 2 points depending on accuracy). At the end of play, add up your points and see who’s worthy of being crowned Vi-king or Vi-queen for the day.

The axe throwing league in York takes this new sport one step further. Players sign up for the 5-week competition which will engender some healthy rivalry between teams, although really it’s just an excuse to meet and have some laughs together.

League Details

The axe throwing league at York’s The Hilt aims to bring a little more tension and technique to the sport. There’s a lot more to this Viking weaponry than most people recognise. First of all, there’s technique. You can throw your axe overarm bowling style in a one-handed movement. Alternatively, wield your mighty weapon with two hands and hurl it HARD at the target. Ideally you want the axe to spin through 360 degrees before stabbing into the heart of the target with the sharp edge. Oh yes, and it has to stay there to be counted.

Just to keep things interesting, York’s axe throwing league will include a variety of different well-known games with some slight adaptation. Remember the childhood games of Noughts and Crosses or Tic-Tac-Toe? Well the league is instigating a similar game of Nordic Crosses! If you were the school star of Rock, Paper, Scissors, then the Hilt’s version of Rock, Paper, Axes could be your forte. Then there’s Connect Four (a dangerous game of skill and precision), and many more childhood games now reinvented for the ultimate axe throwing league in York.

Without giving away all the surprises, we can tell you that all the games will be frivolous and fun. Weekly games selections will only be revealed just before the league start date so watch for the news alerts!

You and your team will want to arrive promptly for your Thursday evening trysts and psyche yourselves up for an hour and a quarter of team training, throwing and practice. Then get down to the serious axe throwing business as you rout your opponents and claim victory. There’s a scoring system and of course there’s a Viking-worthy prize for the ultimate winners of Yorks’ first axe throwing league at The Hilt. You could take home an authentic Viking axe engraving as well as coveted boasting rights!

Sign Up Today

Did we mention places are limited and highly sought-after for the first axe throwing league York has ever seen? You and your mates need to get your online registration completed now and argue about the finer technical details later. The closing date for registering is March 3rd, 2020 so don’t miss out.

You might want to think up a suitable Viking Warrior name for your team and maybe get some shirts printed to bolster city-wide support. Horned Viking helmets and shaggy reindeer leather boots are optional. Just bring your fiercest scowl and muscle-toned arms and get ready for the best Thursday nights out you’ve had in a while.


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