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Unbelievable Axe Throwing Bar In York

York has traditional inns, funky cocktail bars, and bustling pubs. But if you’re looking for something a little different to take the edge off, how about an axe throwing bar in York?

The first indoor axe throwing venue in the city, The Hilt invites you to throw like a Viking and eat like a king.

Hilt founders, Alex and Josh, have created a unique venue, designed to thrill and exhilarate. A venue where you can get together with family, friends or colleagues and share the thrill of learning to throw an axe.

The Hilt lets you step into the boots of the Viking invaders who settled in York back in 855. Renowned as fearless warriors, it’s time for you to feel what it’s like.

What The Hilt offers

Why not discover the age-old Viking pastime of axe throwing for yourself? Step through the doors of popular axe throwing bar, The Hilt, and you’ll soon be hurling your chopper, just like the Vikings of old. Here’s what you can expect.

A unique experience

The Hilt offers 10 lanes that are dedicated to axe throwing fun. The whole experience lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes and includes a safety briefing, practice session and competition - all led by expert coaches.

Axe throwing for all

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to axe throwing or if you’re an expert, a youngster (minimum age 13) or an OAP, out with your work buddies or having fun with old friends. Axe throwing is a thrilling challenge for all. You simply need to be able to hold an axe unaided (for the record they weigh around 16 kgs each). Youngsters will need to have a parent or guardian present too.

Axe throwing for 2 - 12 people or bigger groups

The axe-throwing activity suits groups of between 2 and 12 people, and there’s a private booking option for groups of 8-12 -amazing for stag do. The Hilt can also accommodate larger groups on request - perfect if you’re keen to get together your own Viking posse. Don’t forget to check out the menu too - The Hilt serves tasty morsels and yummy mocktails that shouldn’t be missed.

A safe axe throwing environment

You will receive a safety briefing and an overview of the rules from the professional on-site coaches. The coaches will direct you to your group’s bay where you will see that all throwers are enclosed in a cage to ensure safety. You will also find dampening pads above and in front of each target. There’s a partition to separate throwers from those watching, and the coaches are ever watchful of proceedings.

Plenty of practice time and highly skilled coaches

The skilled coaches will talk you through the easy-to-follow rules and teach you how it’s done. You’ll start with a good warm up session, where your coach will demonstrate the throwing technique. The coaches will work with everyone, ensuring that all participants feel comfortable and get to grips with throwing. The practice session usually lasts around 25 minutes.

Fun competition

Feeling confident? Then it’s time to step up and show off your new-found skills. Let the Viking within emerge and join in the fierce (yet very friendly) competition. Two Vikings will throw simultaneously and each player gets an equal number of goes. Take your turn and hurl your axe through the air to hit the wooden target - don’t worry it’s not too far (less than 4 metres away).

Each time your axe hits the target you will be awarded points, and the person with the most points is inevitably crowned the victor. All hail the Viking….or Viqueen! The competition will last around 40 minutes.

Food fit for a conquering Viking

Choose from a delectable range of Nordic bites (you’re bound to be hungry after all of that axe-throwing). Snack on the tapas, with treats on offer including our favourite pork belly bites (twice cooked belly pork with a kick of thyme).

If you’re feeling more peckish, indulge in Viking meatballs (served in your choice of made-from-scratch sauce). Sharers will appreciate the Feast of Valhalla which offers up a larger selection of meatballs complete with sauce. Finish off with a tempting milkshake - choose from Oreo, Maltesers or Snickers and prepare to dig in!

Delicious soft beverages

The delectable range of soft drinks on offer will definitely get your taste-buds dancing. Alongside your classic favourites like Coca Cola and Fanta, we also serve a variety of quirky sodas for the more adventurous Viking. Try pineapple, grape or cream soda for something a little different!

All of our soft drinks are superb, but we would like to point out that we don’t serve alcohol here at The Hilt. It is something we are looking into, but it goes without saying, safety always has been and always will be our top priority. We see it like this, if you’ve had too much booze to get behind the wheel and drive then you’ve certainly had too much to be wielding an axe!

A great first stop on your big night out

Why not come and start your evening at this incredible venue? The Hilt is the perfect place to catch up with friends, have fun with family or wind down with colleagues after a busy week at the office. Crown your victor, and then move onto one of the great bars or pubs dotted around nearby - there are tons to choose from. You’re guaranteed a good day and night out in York.

Visit The Hilt

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at The Hilt for yourself, the axe throwing bar that’s designed to thrill and entertain has plenty to offer. Whether you’re a local looking for a place to meet up with your nearest and dearest, with a group of mates, or a visitor to the city exploring the best things to do in York, The Hilt should be at the top of the list.


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