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Stag Do in York: How to Organise (and Survive)

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

If you’ve been asked to be best man at your bestie’s wedding, part of the honour is organising the stag do. Our handy checklist of survival tips for the best man includes how to organise a Viking-themed stag do in York complete with axe-throwing, Viking costumes, forfeits and more as part of a full-blown stag weekend or hen party in York. It’s sure to be a talking point for years to come!

Stag Do Like A Real Man (Or Woman)

York is a great city for hosting a stag do before a wedding, and where better than The Hilt for some macho fun, food and a few bevvies. And let’s not be sexist; The Hilt is equally fun and memorable for hen nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties, stag and doe parties, or whatever you want to call your last night out as a singleton.

Every good stag do needs three things: some fun activity to start the evening with a laugh, plenty of good food and drink, and a group of your best mates. The Hilt takes care of the first two, but I’m afraid you’ll have to organise the mates bit yourself!

Here are three reasons you should consider a stag do in York at The Hilt!

Be A Viking With Your Mates

It’s been a while since the Vikings sailed over in their longboats in search of some 9th century “plunder and pillage”, but if they were to visit York for a stag do in 2020 they would definitely head to The Hilt. These rugged Norsemen were known for their competitive warrior skills such as axe-throwing. Where better to do it than in the safe confines of your own booth?

Every group visiting The Hilt gets their own expert coach who will provide hands-on training and tips about axe-throwing for Viking novices. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you get another 40 minutes or so to compete against each other and have fun. Try one-handed and two-handed axe-throwing and see whose chopper hits the bull’s eye first.

A few dares and forfeits are all part of a traditional stag do, so think up a few challenges, such as who can get the most 7-point throws in a row, and who can get two axes simultaneously in the red. Have some fun prizes to hand out (the saucier the better) and winners get a free drink perhaps, courtesy of the loser!

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, organise fancy dress for the evening. There are several places in York that hire out costumes including the Festival of Fun on Goodramgate, York. They even sell traditional Viking helmets with curved horns (soft!) and fur trim (fake). Order one for all the stag party including the bridegroom and get your stag do in York off on a great note right from the start.

Get Out Pre-Wedding Jitters

Axe-throwing can be thirsty work so once your time is up, move into the bar for some serious wedding talk. (Tip - you’ll definitely want to do the axe-throwing before the drinks for obvious reasons!)

Get in the first round of drinks and pick a selection of savoury snacks and nibbles to satisfy even a hungry-Viking appetite. The Viking meatballs come with delicious dipping sauces and there’s even a Vegan chickpea option. Crispy dumplings (Pierogi) filled with bacon and cream cheese or pigs in baskets with a sweet and spicy sauce all go down well. (Tip - if you don’t want to get stuck with the bar bill have everyone contribute to the kitty before the stag do and settle the bill from that).

It’s time for some serious leg-pulling and reminiscing about the groom’s past romps and shenanigans. Prime the group to come with a story or two about what the groom got up to that the bride should never know. Add a few photos of past capers, bad haircuts and wild parties and generally let your hair down.

The fancy dress, drinks and physical activity will have warmed everyone up and dispelled pre-wedding nerves so as best man and chief stag do organiser you can sit back and consider it a job well done.

Save Money and Skip the Party Planner

Traditionally the stag night is organised by the best man, ably led astray by the other groomsmen. For many it can be a daunting responsibility, choosing a destination that everyone can get to, ensuring that the event is fun and memorable, thinking up a few fun pranks, organising plenty of booze and food, and still deliver the groom prompt, sober and fully dressed to the ceremony. (Tip - plan the stag do or hen party at least a week ahead of the wedding. At least you’ll have a sporting chance of achieving the “prompt, sober and fully dressed” bit).

Many people take the easy way out and book a party planner to organise the whole stag event, but why spend money on a professional booking agent when The Hilt has it nailed? This one-stop attraction has it all - the chance to have some competitive fun with your mates, a trendy bar for chilling out, and great food for grazing. Just make a reservation for your group, send out the invites and let the fun unfold. Job done! (Tip - The Hilt is a VERY popular hangout on weekends, so make sure you book the date well ahead to avoid disappointment).

More Things to Do on a Stag Do in York

Your stag do in York might start with The Hilt, but once it closes (8.15pm on Fridays and Saturdays) you need to move on. This lively historic city has some amazing nightlife so why not organise a pub crawl around some of the late-night bars and clubs.


No doubt we’ve convinced you that a stag do in York is a great choice and The Hilt is the ultimate place to have axe-throwing fun with your mates. Best book that date now to avoid disappointment!


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