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Corporate Team Building Events that Hit the Bullseye

Corporate team building events have been on the agenda for years. While some experiences reap rich rewards and are talked about for years, others quickly fade into the “been there, done that” category. So how do you organise a knock-your-socks-off event that is not only enjoyable, but also bonds York colleagues on a whole new level?

Ideal team building activities encourage everyone to find their natural place within the team and feel their contribution is valued. And let's not forget the main purpose of any corporate activity is to improve communication and relationships, which will be carried back into the workplace.

A successful corporate team building event starts with good research and detailed organisation. Well done! You’ve found this article so you can consider those boxes ticked. Just read on down and your job as Chief Office Perk Organiser is simply to choose from our tried and tested corporate activities and then sit back and take the glory.

Why Host Your Corporate Team Building Event in York?

York is a great place to consider for your next corporate team building event. It’s easy to reach by road (A1M) and rail - after all, even the Vikings and Romans had no problem finding it even without GPS and modern day comms!

If you’re planning a weekend or overnight stay, the city has plenty of accommodation for all budgets. It’s also very easy to get around as a group on foot with traffic-free streets in the city centre and the obligatory pub or coffee shop pretty much on every corner. Add to that some amazing nightlife and party venues and you really can’t go wrong.

So, you’ve organised the travel, the overnight digs and the gathering points for free time and liquid refreshment. Now for the all-important activity that will make your corporate team building event in York truly rock!

Adrenalin-pumping Axe Throwing

Axe throwing harks back to York’s former Viking days when bearded warriors would hone their battle skills with some competitive target practice. Not only did it improve their aim, it no doubt helped them increase adrenalin and raise corporate morale before setting out to conquer the world. It’s the same today, although beards are now optional.

The Hilt is York’s newest and most extraordinary attraction with lanes set up with a large wooden target at one end and a bucket-load of axes at the other. Booking a slot for your team axe throwing event also includes a champion axe throwing trainer. They will show you the best way to throw your metal-headed axe and get it to stick to the target.

Once you have all mastered the basics and had a few warm-ups throws, you will each be assigned an embarrassing nickname (great ice breaker!). Your amenable instructor will explain the points system for scoring and then let the serious axe throwing begin.

If you’ve never thrown an axe before you might want to swot up on how to throw an axe and hit the bullseye. Practice overarm throws to get a feel for this new sport. After all, you need to be able to throw the axe as if your next promotion depends upon it (and well it might!).

Competitive Pub Treasure Hunt

Team treasure hunts are always good for bringing out the competitive edge when you engage in it as a team and offer a prize. You can either visit the city the weekend ahead of your corporate team building event in York and make your own route and clues (the more obscure the better), or you can delegate. (Well that’s an important corporate leadership skill too, isn’t it?)

This Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt can be started at any time of day. Just register and get the details for downloading the app to everyone’s Smartphone and you’re ready for the off. This fun activity involves visiting several pubs and taverns in York’s city centre as you unlock clues, challenges and mind-baffling puzzles. Play in small teams for the most fun. Don’t forget to name your team and take selfies before you start.

Many of the tests challenge the team’s pub knowledge and observation as you make your way around some of York’s most characterful watering holes. The whole treasure hunt can take several hours before meeting up to declare the winning team.

You can make this corporate team building event more bespoke by adding some questions of your own, perhaps relating to your line of business or employer. There’s a live scoreboard so you can keep a firm eye on how the opposition is doing. If necessary, implement some diversions and fake “tips” to helpfully keep your rivals off the scent.

Cryptic Crystal Challenge Contest

For engineers and those who like to combine a little physical construction with mental agility, consider a Crystal Challenge Team Building Event in York. This can be an all-day event and will definitely encourage everyone to work together on problem solving and getting their heads around some more physical hurdles.

This corporate event includes a management team to explain the rules (and ensure they are adhered to!). Contestants in small teams work their way through several different zones towards the ultimate Crystal Dome Finale in a huge inflatable dome provided by the organisers. For those in the insurance sector, be assured that this activity has full public liability insurance. Considered the “Olympics” of corporate team building events, this professionally organised activity even includes medals for the winning team.


So what are you waiting for? Book your chosen corporate team building event in York without delay and then start spreading the word. This is one “working weekend” that no-one will complain about. In fact they’ll probably ask you to do it again on an annual basis - for the good of the company, of course!


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